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A beautiful and well-kept terrace, a well-maintained concrete floor and clean streets paved with pavers all contribute to safety and a beautiful environment. In practice, however, we do not only see well-maintained floors, but also terraces that are covered with algae and moss or concrete floors that are contaminated with grease. Awfully sin!

Clean that floor!

All the hard work you have put into placing the terrace or the concrete floor will be neglected if you do not maintain it properly. Fortunately, you can realize this relatively easily.

Time to roll up the sleeves and clean the surface. Use a specialist cleaner to arrange this quickly and effectively. Our consultants immediately recognize the type of pollution and know exactly how to solve this. We clean a greasy concrete floor quickly and effectively with UNICLEAN LOW FOAMING. Algae and moss can be quickly removed with the help of our effective SIPROUNIQUAT. If the dirt has been soaked up and broken down, you can simply rinse it away under suitable pressure.

But how do you ensure that the surface remains protected against dirt penetration and remains easy to keep clean?

How exactly does that work?

The pre-treatment:
Treating a concrete floor requires basic knowledge about the pre-treatment. Without a good pre-treatment, no good result. A bare concrete floor should in any case be cleaned with, for example, an alkaline product such as our UNICLEAN LOW FOAMING. This clears the floor from dirty and greasy deposits. If the concrete floor already has an old concrete paint layer, this old layer must first be removed. You can then sand the floor with a special concrete sander. If the grease and dirt or the old paint layer has been removed, the surface must be dried and made free of dust.

The application of a primer:
In order to achieve a good adhesion of the final floor coating, the bare pre-treated concrete floor must first be treated with a special adhesive primer. Our consultants often prescribe our epoxy primer for this phase, the MAVROX EP PRIMER 2C. This primer can ideally be used to reinforce the adhesion of epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings or cast floors!

Finishing with a high-quality top layer:
Depending on the degree of load, a top layer is selected that is applied on top of the primer. Our consultants can offer excellent support in selecting the best solution. To provide good resistance against moderate to medium loads, our MAVROX EP COATING 2C (an epoxy floor coating) in 1 or 2 layers is sufficient on top of the applied primer. Is the floor heavily loaded? Then you choose more quickly to apply a polyurethane top layer, such as our MAVROX PU TOPCOAT.

What characterizes our floor systems?

The MAVROX floor coating systems are:

  • Wear-resistant;
  • High-quality & durable;
  • Liquid tight;
  • Easy and quick to clean;
  • Resistant to intensive running and rolling traffic;
  • Resistant to chemicals, oil, acids and fats;
  • Intended for softeners of rubber tires;
  • And can be scattered with a special grit for an anti-slip finish!

We offer a unique product for almost every surface. Please contact one of our technical advisors which product best fits the substrate and wishes.

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We have a Product Sheet (TDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product. This contains, among other things, the instructions for use and first aid measures. Read these sheets carefully before using our products.

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