Offices Rietlandpark Amsterdam NITOCOAT

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Offices Rietlandpark Amsterdam NITOCOAT


  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Client: Verwey Vastgoed
  • Application company: De Kroon Facilitaire Diensten
  • Date of execution: 2013-2014

The property market has been in full swing in recent years and has developed strongly in recent years. After years of stagnation in the field of real estate maintenance, some investments are being made.

MAVRO advises investors, property owners and real estate companies by means of specifications which cleaning and / or protection products are eligible to keep the „outer shell“ of buildings in top condition.

The Kroon Facility Services from Utrecht has ensured that by cleaning and preserving the façade the appearance is guaranteed for the coming years. The pollution of the trams and trains now has much less chance of attaching to the subsurface after the NITOCOAT treatment.