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Our laboratory

We work on a daily basis in the laboratory of MAVRO on new products and we improve the current product range. We offer a unique product for almost every surface. Are there specific requirements or wishes? No problem, our lab technicians are ready to guide and will assume the development.

In addition, our R&D specialists are here to assist with all technical issues of the customers and for their colleagues. They support the industry with quality control, research and development and problem solutions.

All our products are extensively tested by our Research & Development in both the laboratory and in practice.

The products used in construction, maintenance or cleaning are often too aggressive for the environment. From the beginning we have always been committed to sustainable development. Our products are developed according to strict specifications in terms of environmental friendliness and also attach great value to the development, promotion and distribution of green technologies.

Onze R&D specialisten

Jaap Man

“It makes it fun to play” with products and raw materials to find the best composition from there. This way we can solve the client’s problem. I also like to provide service and share my knowledge that I have gained in this sector over the past 45 years with clients, customers and the field staff”.

Brent Fasting

“At MAVRO I have been the R&D specialist since September 2019. This means, among other things, that I am busy developing and improving our products on a daily basis. In addition, together with the rest of the R&D department, I am responsible for answering technical questions from customers.

It is a challenge to use new and existing raw materials to influence the properties of our products and to find a suitable solution for every problem. I am also concerned with the safety of the lab and responsible handling of chemicals.”

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