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Our laboratory

Innovation is our middle name. The MAVRO International laboratory is constantly working on developing new and improving existing products.

We offer a unique product for almost every problem and every surface. Are you confronted with a technical issue and it seems impossible to find a suitable product and solution? No worries, our specialists are ready to guide you and take care of solving your problem. We develop new customized products, especially for solving that one unique issue.

Of course you can contact our Research & Development specialists for all your technical questions and they are also available daily to support their colleagues in the search for solutions.

All our products are extensively tested in our lab and in practice.
From day one, MAVRO has stood for the development of sustainable products aimed at the well-being of our environment and our planet. In developing each product, we take strict environmental specifications into account and place great value on developing, promoting and distributing green technologies.

MAVRO’s Research & Development department is not a stand-alone ivory tower full of unapproachable dusty scientists, but a lively department closely involved with the company.

Our R&D specialists

Meet three of our excellent specialists from MAVRO’s Research & Development department:

Brent Fasting

Graduated from the Hogeschool Utrecht with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, the enterprising, inquisitive and creative Brent is one of the inspiring specialists of the Research & Development department. Just like his colleagues, Brent is extremely customer-oriented and in daily practice he uses the ‘open doors’, solution-oriented and accessible mentality.

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Joris Meulman

Joris Meulman has always had a soft spot for nanotechnology. After his HAVO education, he therefore consciously opted for a two-year specialisation course in Enschede and two nano-related internships. With undiminished enthusiasm, Joris keeps busy on a daily basis with and new product developments.

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Jaap Man

Because of his extensive experience, knowledge and long track record, Jaap Man is the real source of information for the department and a great mentor for Brent and Margaux. When developing new products, he likes to “play” with raw materials to find the best composition. Jaap finds it inspiring to help solve customer issues and to provide support to the field staff with questions about pollution and the subsurface.

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