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Acid facade cleaners, for removing heavy soiling from facades
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Facade cleaning

Facade cleaning is the removal of scale or contamination from the facade. Façade cleaning prevents damage such as moisture damage and improves the appearance of the façade. Façade cleaning also extends the life of the façade. This ensures, among other things, an increase of the value of the facade of, for example, a house or business premises.

Acid facade cleaners

Acid water cleaners are suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, non-calcareous stone types such as brick, clinker and concrete, but cannot be used for cleaning manga stone because mango stone has a high iron content. These acidic facade cleaners soak the contamination of the surface, so that the surface can then be rinsed with high pressure and (hot) water.


Our cleaners

MAVRO has developed a special product line with acidic facade cleaners for cleaning facades:

FACADECLEAN: is an acidic façade cleaner based on ammonium bifluoride. FACADECLEAN has an active effect and can be used on heavily soiled mineral surfaces. FACADECLEAN effectively removes all common façade soiling.

FACADECLEAN STRONG: is a liquid acidic facade cleaner based on hydrofluoric acid (HF) and phosphoric acid. FACADECLEAN STRONG has a very powerful effect and can be used on heavy and extremely dirty mineral surfaces.

FACADECLEAN EXTRA STRONG: FACADECLEAN EXTRA STRONG is a highly concentrated acid facade cleaner based on hydrofluoric acid (HF) and phosphoric acid. Applicable when standard facade cleaners are not sufficient. FACADECLEAN EXTRA STRONG has an extremely powerful effect and can be used on the most extremely polluted mineral surfaces.

Cleaning with acid facade cleaners

These acidic façade cleaners are very suitable for removing heavy dirt from porous façades such as slate, brick, terracotta and basalt-like stone. But which dirt can you remove with acidic facade cleaners?

The acidic facade cleaners containing hydrofluoric acid are very efficiently to clean atmospheric deposits, black crust (patina layer) and other contaminants. However, it is advisable to pre-moisten the surface before applying the cleaner. If you don’t do this, you run the risk that not only will depth damage occur, but that the cleaner will also dry too quickly. By taking this into account, the acid facade cleaner will give an optimal result!

Sensitive surfaces such as calcareous surfaces, stucco, manganese stone and natural stone can be damaged with an acidic cleaner. For these surfaces MAVRO has developed other cleaners aimed at these sensitive surfaces.


Facade pollution

There are many types of pollution that can affect the facade. This includes black and green deposits. For example, green deposits can form when a surface remains moist for a long time. Deposits on the facade give an unkempt and neglected appearance, but also affect the substrate.

Protection of the surface

In addition to cleaning the facade, maintenance is also very important. For example, you can choose to impregnate the facade or treat it with, for example, a renovation coating. Choice of method depends on which properties are desired. Both the impregnation of the facade and the application of a renovation coating provide dirt-repellent properties such as atmospheric pollution. By impregnating the facade, you ensure that no more water is absorbed or allowed to pass through the facade. The service life of the application is also a choice-determining factor.