Anti-graffiti coatings

Anti-graffiti coatings ensure savings
Cost saving
Easier to remove graffiti
Innovative and easy to clean
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Anti-graffiti coatings ensure savings!

The removal of graffiti costs companies and municipalities millions per year. Anti-graffiti coatings offer a protective layer through which later applied graffiti can be removed more easily. The choice of an anti-graffiti system depends, among other things, on the requirements that are set in the specifications and the budget. In the base there is a choice of 2 options. Semi-permanent and permanent.

Protection against graffiti, for every budget and every requirement

Semi-permanent anti-graffiti coatings from MAVRO are systems based on wax emulsions. Proven technique that is applied annually to millions of square meters. These coatings offer a non-visible protective layer to prevent graffiti and markers from penetrating directly into the ground.

Graffiti, paint and peeling can easily be removed with only high-pressure hot water. The hot water causes the wax to melt. The graffiti that is on the wax layer is released from the ground which is then free of pollution.

Maximum protection for every surface

Semi-permanent anti-graffiti systems can be applied to almost all surfaces and vapor diffusion (breathable). Need help with the choice of the system for concrete, masonry, natural stone, Corten steel, wood, metal or plastic. We are happy to help you with the choice of the best system.

GRAFFITIGUARD is applied in 2 layers with a low-pressure syringe or coat roller. In addition to the anti-graffiti properties, your surface is also protected against moisture and atmospheric pollution. Algae have hardly a chance to attach themselves to the subsoil. This keeps the surface in good condition for up to 10 years. It’s pleasant and removing graffiti on a protected surface is up to 80% cheaper. No contact time, no removers, only water is needed for the successful removal of plaster. Success is guaranteed and economically an valuable choice.

Graffiti removal with hot water

The environmentally friendly protective layer is no longer discernible after curing and meets the highest requirements with regard to vapor permeability. With the removal of graffiti, only hot water is used, so that the surface remains undamaged. GRAFFITIGUARD is biodegradable and paint can be collected with an ABSORBENT ROLL After removal of the graffiti, a new top layer is applied to the substrate and the protection is optimal again.

MAVRO has a wide range of coatings. Even variants that can be applied in winter conditions or on sensitive surfaces (paintwork, KEIM or, for example, stucco).

How do you remove graffiti without damaging the surface?

Permanent anti-graffiti coatings offer durable and effective protection, making graffiti and inks easy to remove several times. The surface can be cleaned without affecting the coating. The removal of graffiti on a protected surface requires light chemical support from a biodegradable REMOVER.

Permanently protect against scratching

MAVRO produces 3 permanent anti-vandal systems for hurtful texts and unwanted contamination that offer optimal surface protection.

Give colour to your object

GRAFFITIGUARD PERMANENT 2C is a traditional, extremely strong polyurethane coating system which is ideal for protecting tunnels and underpasses. Available in transparent and any RAL or NCS colours. The processing of the system can be done with a brush, roller or spray equipment.

Innovative and easy to clean

NITOCOAT forms a transparent layer of glass on the surface so that even the worst markers, inks, markers and paint can’t adhere. Can be applied in one layer on non-porous surfaces at lightning speed and finally cleaned again. This system based on polysilazanes is the ultimate protection for surfaces that already have a paint or coating layer. Trains, buses, metros, trash cans, traffic signs and tunnels – which are decorated with artistic expressions – are typical examples for which this system is extremely suitable.

Nano anti-graffiti coating – 100% vapor open

Permanent protection against graffiti with nanotechnology is a relatively new technique to protect buildings and objects. GRAFFITIGUARD PERMANENT is a versatile, breathable water-repellent coating and can be used in many different applications. GRAFFITIGUARD PERMANENT makes maintenance and preservation of finishing materials much faster, more durable and more efficient.
This is because this nanocoating, thanks to all the latest innovations, penetrates even the smallest atoms and pores and surrounds them with a dirt and water repellent agent. Because atmospheric contamination, paint and graffiti can practically no longer adhere to the treated surface, periodic maintenance is less intensive and the cleaning of graffiti is simple.



We have a Product Sheet (TDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product. This contains, among other things, the instructions for use and first aid measures. Read these sheets carefully before using our products.

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