Anti-graffiti: permanent

Cost saving
Easier graffiti removal
Innovative and easy-to-clean
Workshop anti-graffiti

Why an anti-graffiti coating?

Graffiti is often an annoying but also expensive problem. A lot of money is spent every year on removing graffiti from objects, facade and buildings.

Save costs with an anti-graffiti coating

By means of an anti-graffiti coating you save on costs such as cleaning costs. How is this possible? When an anti-graffiti coating is applied, graffiti is easier to remove. Often only high pressure is enough to remove the graffiti. Easier cleaning means less cleaning and maintenance costs.

Types of anti-graffiti coatings

Depending on the surface and the sensitivity of the target, there are different types of anti-graffiti coatings.


Permanent anti-graffiti coatings provide durable and effective protection, making graffiti and inks easy to remove several times. The surface can be cleaned without affecting the coating. The removal of graffiti on a protected surface requires light chemical support from a biodegradable REMOVER. The permanent anti-graffiti coatings are available in transparent as well as in color.

On which surfaces can een anti-graffiti coating be applied?

Our permanent anti-graffiti coating GRAFFITIGUARD PERMANENT can be applied to concrete and masonry. We recommend MAVROX PU TOPCOAT 1C for surfaces such as natural stone, coated surfaces, plastics and solid core plates. The permanent renovation coating NITOCOAT can also be used on wall paints, plastics and solid core plates. NITOCOAT has excellent anti-graffiti properties.

Wood is less often a target for graffiti, but also wood surfaces are daubed. For this we have specially developed NITOGUARD WOOD. This nano-coating has to be reapplied periodically.

How do you remove graffiti from an anti-graffiti coating?

When the coating layer is covered with graffiti, the graffiti can easily be removed by high pressure and hot water. With a semi-permanent coating, the coating must be reapplied. A permanent anti-graffiti coating can be cleaned many times without affecting the coating.

What does an anti-graffiti coating cost?

Depending on the desired properties and the substrate, the costs differ per anti-graffiti coating. A permanent anti-graffiti coating ranges from € 30 to € 60 per liter / kg.