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The phenomenon of wild posting

Wild posting is a common problem. Objects and surfaces are illegally covered with posters, stickers, posters, flyers and other stickers. Wild posting is an important part of the pollution of public space. The government is trying to tackle and reduce wild posting through various actions. Wild posting leads to an undesirable street view and ensures degradation of the relevant object and substrate. The fight against wild posting is important for the economic image of the area. MAVRO offers the coating against posters, flyers, stickers, posters and other unwanted advertising.

Wild posting and poster- and sticker campaigns

Wild posting campaigns are used as an affordable and targeted way to generate publicity where other media are missing. In the street view you can find wild posting for example on electricity and traffic control cabinets, traffic signs and lights, lampposts, street furniture and glass containers. Substrates like plastic, metal, concrete and painted substrates are also covered by the people who illegally stick up posters.

How do we tackle wild posting?

MAVRO International is a specialist in keeping substrates originally. Our ANTI-POSTER COATING 2C is a state of the art anti-wild posting coating. By applying our special anti-sticker and anti-poster coating on the surface in question, it forms an anti-adhesion layer on the specific surface. This prevents adhesion of posters, flyers, stickers, posters and other unwanted advertising to surfaces. The wild posting is effectively prevented!

What is an anti-wild posting coating?

An anti-wild posting coating is also called anti-sticker, anti-poster or anti-stick coating. An anti-poster coating is an effective and preventive coating to prevent wild posting as much as possible. The application of our unique anti-poster coating ensures that a layer is created over the original substrate that makes it impossible to stick on unwanted advertisements and other wild-posting.

We also have ANTI-POSTER COATING 1C, a ready-to-use product that is very easy to process. Just like the 2-component anti-poster coating, the ANTI-POSTER COATING 1C has anti-graffiti properties and poster, flyers and stickers can hardly adhere to the surface.

Benefits anti-wildplak coating

  • Applying of anti-poster coating is discouraging the bandits
  • Substrates and objects are less susceptible to vandalism
  • Reduction of annoyance among professionals working with electrical cabinets and similair
  • Saving in maintenance costs because the coating can be frequently cleaned
  • Improvement of street view
  • Incrreased sense of security for citizens
  • Easy removal of graffiti, plaque and wild posting leads to cost saving

Anti-graffiti coating

The unique anti-poster coating from MAVRO offers an excellent anti-graffiti effect. The ANTI-POSTER COATING 2C ensures anti-adhesion of graffiti, making it easy to remove.

Characteristics of the coating

– Unique State of the Art Anti-poster coating
– Easy removal of posters, flyers, stickers and other unwanted advertising material by anti-adhesion of wild posting
– The ANTI-POSTER COATING 2C has anti-graffiti properties
– The coating is available in transparent and in Ral-colors
– Saving on maintenance costs
– Weatherproof
– Durable coating


Precise pre-treatment of the specific substrate is essential for correct operation. The substrate must be thoroughly cleaned. Posters, stickers, flyers and other contamination that are present in advance must be removed. The next step in the process is the professional application of the ANTI-POSTER COATING 2C. The process of cleaning and applying the anti-poster coating is specialist professional work that must be carried out by professionally trained professionals.

Under which circumstances does the coating work best?
The products always work best in dry weather conditions. Low temperatures can delay work and the products should not be used in direct sunlight.

How much do I need from the product?
This depends on the product, the graffiti and the substrate. Every product from us has its own consumption. You can request this from one of our advisers, find it in the product information sheets or in the price list.

I want to set up a test area in advance
It is advisable to always set a test surface in advance. You can also have this done by one of our advisors. Do it yourself? Request a free sample to set up a test area.

My question is not listed
Contact us, our advisors are happy to help you via: of 0418 6680 680.