For each surface we have a CERADUR-product
Self-cleaning coatings
Reduces maintenance costs
Delays degradation

What are polysilazanes?

Polysilazanes are molecules made from silicon and nitrogen. Each silicon atom is bound to two nitrogen atoms, which are also bound to two silicon atoms. This creates a complex network of atoms. Various organic or inorganic atoms, like carbon and hydrogen, can still be attached to the ends of these networks. A coating made from polysilazanes provides an extremely thin, smooth repellent layer that is both oleo as hydrophobic.

Types of pollutions

Due to their oleo- and hydrophobic properties, polysilazane coatings are extremely suitable as a protective coating. All polysilazanes protect the substrate against the negative effects of atmospheric pollutants and salts. In addition, the coating is extremely chemical resistant. Only strong acids like hydrofluoric acid can damage the coating.

Our products

We have a suitable product for every surface. From metal, glass and plastic to aluminum and wood. Depending on the requirements, wishes, substrate and circumstances, we choose the right product. We have developed our own polysilazane coating line in our laboratory, also known as ceramic coatings. Every product has its own unique characteristics.

As anti-graffiti coating

By treating surfaces with our CERADUR AG coating, graffiti, ink, spray paints and wild-stick posters hardly have a chance to adhere to the surface. The coating forms a durable, protective and permanent satin-gloss layer with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The substrate is also easy to clean after treatment.

Coating for metal

Specially developed for use as a corrosion-resistant coating for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper, we have developed the CERADUR METAL polysilazane coating. CERADUR METAL is highly chemical resistant and resistant to corrosion-causing salts, paints, inks, markers and cleaners. This keeps the surface protected during cleaning.

Coating for natural stone

We have developed CERADUR NATURAL STONE for light-porous and non-porous, smooth natural stones. The polysilazane coating has good oleo- and hydrophobic properties and forms a durable, protective and hardly visible layer, so that contamination cannot penetrate the pores of the substrate. Because the coating is applied extremely thin, the coating does not change the appearance of the natural stone. The coating is also very suitable for natural stone countertops. It provides protection against, for example, lemon, wine and mustard.

Coating against corrosion

CERADUR ANTI-CORROSION forms a thin sealed layer on the metal. Water cannot reach the metal. This ensures that no oxidation reaction can take place on the metal. This means that it does not rust. The coating can be applied to almost any metal like aluminum, steel and iron. The coating also has repellent properties, making it easy to keep the coating clean.

Ultimate heat protection

To protect metal surfaces that are exposed to high temperatures, there is CERADUR HEAT RESIST. The polysilazane coating forms a durable, protective, high temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer, so that contamination can be removed very easily. In addition, CERADUR HEAT RESIST is highly chemically resistant and resistant to corrosion-causing salts.

Flexible coating

Protect a surface with a higher thermal expansion by treating it with CERADUR FLEX. This is a slightly flexible, protective polysilazane coating for, among other things, plastic, solid core plates, natural and artificial stone. The coating is also resistant to paints, ink and marker, so that the surface remains undamaged during cleaning. CERADUR FLEX is also highly chemical resistant.

Polish agent

CERADUR POLISH is a permanent polysilazane coating for non-porous and light-porous surfaces like plastics and glass, car paints and other coatings and natural stone. Due to the unique composition, a completely invisible layer remains after polishing.
The durable and protective coating is highly chemical resistant. Because CERADUR POLISH is resistant to salts, paint, ink markers, atmospheric pollution and household cleaners, the surface remains undamaged when it is cleaned.

Benefits Ceradur products

  • Offers good adhesion to surfaces like; metals, glass, plastic, aluminum and wood
  • Very good thermal resistance
  • Strong protection against corrosion and weathering
  • Excellent scratch and wear resistance
  • Good to excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean properties
  • Good durability ensures a long service life
  • Good compatibility with other organic resins
  • Suitable for low to medium layer thicknesses
  • Dirt can be easily removed


The surface must be cleaned before you start working with one of our polysilazane coatings. Our specialized cleaning agents can be used for this. For oxidized metals and non-ferrous metals, it is important to make the surfaces rust-free using RUSTREMOVER or by sanding or grinding them. The substrate must be dry when one of the coatings is applied. The CERADUR coatings can be applied by means of a power sponge, microfiber cloth, insert or HLVP spray.

Tailored advice

Curious about the products? See the products in practice? Make an appointment with one of our advisors. They can tell you everything about the products and put a test area at your location. You can contact our advisers via info@mavro-int.com or by calling 0418 680 680.

Which product can I use best for my issue?
Depending on the substrate and the wishes, we determine the choice of the right product. By setting up a test area and writing an Advisory Report it can be determined what the best product is for your issue. Need help choosing the product? Our specialists are happy to assist you and help you make a test setting.

Under which circumstances do the products work best?
The products always work best in dry weather conditions. Low temperatures can delay work and the products should not be used in direct sunlight.
Minimum processing temperature 5°C.
Maximum processing temperature 25°C.
Maximum RLV 85%

How much do I need from the product?
This depends on the product, the circumstances and the substrate. Every product from us has its own consumption. You can request this from one of our advisors.

I want to set up a test area in advance
It is advisable to always set a test surface in advance. You can also have this done by one of our advisors on location. Do it yourself? Request a free sample to set up a test area.

My question is not listed
Contact us, our advisors are happy to help you via: info@mavro-int.com or 0418 6680 680.