Concrete sealer and surface enhancer

It is important that a floor is durable, dust-free and easy to maintain
Maintenance-friendly floor
High quality and durable
Protected against heavy load
Dust-free and wear-resistant

Floor coatings and finish

Untreated concrete floors are often not able to withstand traffic and other types of work load. Without any treatment a concrete floor will wear quickly. As a result of this, the surface will start damaging and dusting. The resulting dust is unhealthy and may damage equipment that comes into contact with it.

This is one of the main reasons why new concrete floors are finished with some type of coating. There are many different types of floor finishes and each one has pros and cons.

A very suitable and commonly used finish is a fully closed and seamless floor coating. Those products can be found in the MAVROX product line. Floors treated with a high-quality coating and strong, safe, easy-to-clean and protected against heavy loads and traffic. In almost all cases, a floor coating drastically changes the appearance of a floor because the coatings are pigmented. Depending on the floor coatings used, the price of this type of finish can go up considerably.

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In some cases, finishing a floor completely waterproof and seamless is not desired. However, it is still necessary to protect the floor, and to make it dust-free and easy to maintain. If this is the case, the best option is to use impregnation to finish a floor. FLOORGUARD MINERAL is an impregnation agent used for exactly this application. This product is what is called a ‘concrete sealer’.

How does a concrete sealer work?

A concrete sealer such as FLOORGUARD MINERAL is based on sodium silicate. After application of FLOORGUARD MINERAL the product will fill the pores of the surface. Here, the sodium silicate undergoes a chemical reaction. The result of this chemical reaction is the formation of hard crystals which will fill the pores of the concrete. The result is a hard and semi-closed surface which can withstand abrasion and traffic. The sealing (filling) of the surface makes the floor resistant to water and filth. By reinforcing the surface, even high-traffic floors will not damage or cause dusting.

Benefits and properties FLOORGUARD MINERAL

    • Affordable
    • 1-component
    • Solvent-free and odourless
    • Transparent
    • Quick curing
    • Easy to use
    • Vapour permeable
    • Suitable for light to moderate load
    • UV resistant

FLOORGUARD MINERAL is not just used for new floors. Older (untreated) floors can also be treated using this concrete sealer.


FLOORGUARD MINERAL is applied using a brush, roller or squegee. Apply the product wet-in-wet with a short drying time of 15-20 minutes between layers. Material that is not absorbed after this period must be removed. Unremoved excess material will result in the formation of a glossy and brittle coating.

System build-up:
Cement-bound floors 1 – 3 layers
Anhydrite floors 2 – 3 layers
Poured asphalt 2 – 3 layers

Surface condition:
The floor must be oil, grease and completely dust-free. Any dust on the surface will reduce the strengt of the coating significantly. Any repairs should be made using MAVROX REPAIR MORTAR 2C. Allow to completely cure before application of FLOORGUARD MINERAL.