Disinfection is a way to kill pathogens
Effective disinfection
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Disinfection is a way to kill pathogens. In these exciting times of the corona crisis, personal hygiene has suddenly become more important. It is advised to wash hands frequently with soap and water, and to touch your face as little as possible. These measures limit the spread as much as possible. As extra protection, disinfectants can be used to clean hands and surfaces. Disinfectants have been proven effective against many different viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. Disinfect with MAVRO products for a clean and disinfecting environment.

A shortage of raw materials and a spontaneous run on these products resulted in a serious shortage of disinfectants. We have also noticed this shortage within our company. We carefully follow the measures of the RIVM and use disinfectants to disinfect rooms after visiting customers, applicants and surfaces such as the coffee machine and toilets.

As a producer and supplier of cleaning agents we have many customers in sectors where the demand for disinfection of surfaces, rooms and personnel has increased significantly.


This alcohol spray contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and is therefore one of the most effective disinfectants. Such concentrations of alcohol are also used in microbiological laboratories where rapid action is essential.

The spray should not be used as hand alcohol, but is intended to quickly and effectively clean and disinfect large surfaces. The ALCOHOL SPRAY is supplied in a spray bottle and can be applied directly on almost all surfaces.

Washing hands with soap and water remains essential in the fight against viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. Disinfecting surfaces and spaces provides extra protection, but above all it gives a reassuring feeling to customers and staff.


RIVM recommends washing your hands carefully with soap and water. In practice, however, the need for additional, quick disinfection is very high. Frequent washing with soap and water is not feasible for many companies and people. For example, customers and staff are on the road a lot and still feel the need to disinfect their hands.

Our HAND ALCOHOL GEL contains 70% ethanol and glycerol, among other things, to prevent dry hands as much as possible and to ensure rapid disinfection.

The hand gel is perfect for personal use or in dispensers. HAND ALCOHOL GEL can be supplied in any desired packaging, from handy 100ml bottles to 5 litre bulk packaging. Despite the disinfecting effect, we recommend that you always wash your hands as soon as you have the chance.