Facade cleaning

In façade cleaning we are talking about cleaning the exterior of your business premises or home
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Facade cleaning

In façade cleaning we are talking about cleaning the exterior of your business premises or home. These gradually get polluted by rain, wind and moss. The slow darkening of the facade is not always easy to notice. By cleaning the façade, the lifespan is extended and it looks beautiful and tight again.

The pollution on the façade is not always the same. So not only atmospheric pollution but also efflorescence, soot and grease can pollute a façade and give it a gray appearance. Due to the different surfaces, cleaning can’t always be done in the same way. The various types of stone, wood and plastic therefore require different treatments.

The façade cleaning products from MAVRO offer a solution. We have developed various alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners for the cleaning of all surfaces and dirt.

Together with one of our Technical Advisors a visit can be made to an object. He pays attention to the pollution present and which environmental factors are of influence. For example, location near a railway, sea or factory causes other pollution than location in a wooded area. All construction parts, finishing materials and contamination are examined and assessed.

Not all pollution needs to be cleaned equally quickly. In addition, the location and function of a building are important in the advice to be given.

If atmospheric contamination is absent or slightly adhered to, that has no effect on the finishing material, cleaning with water is sufficient.

In case of light to strong adherence to the finishing material, the use of a CLEANER is required. Think of soot, kerosene emissions and incipient iron and / or copper oxide (originating from trains and / or overhead lines).

Extreme pollution affects the finishing material or will do so within a short period of time. Think of the acquisition, pulverization, corrosion and the presence of algae, mosses and fungi. Cleaning and protection of the finishing material is necessary. We will tell you more about this on the page FACADE CONSERVATION and MAINTENANCE.

Substrates/finishing materials
The Advice Report describes in detail how the CLEANERS and PROTECTORS should be applied. Our approach is always tailor-made and we coordinate with the client. On request we also make a multi-year maintenance plan and we outline the sustainability of the protection products for the budget. Insight into the work for now and for later.
The combination between our high-quality facade cleaning products and the expertise of our laboratory staff ensure a perfect end result on the façade. We would like to advise on:

• Facade cleaning
• Remove cement veil
• Remove green deposits
• Impregnation of substrates and facades
• Protecting window frames, water layers and siding
• Preventing green deposits and pollution
• Cleaning of sand-lime brick, manganese and natural stone
• Cleaning of plastic and aluminum