Façade conservation and maintenance

You only make a first impression once
Colour restoring
Up to 10 years of protection
Decrease cleaning frequency

Façade conservation and maintenance

You only make a first impression once and the facade of a building is a calling card. Over time, façades and used finishing materials like wall cladding or plastic are affected by contamination. Not only doesn’t look nice, it also affects the façade so that it no longer optimally protects the inside. Therefore, every reason to regularly clean and especially maintain façades.

Over the past 30 years, many materials have been used in construction that have been sold as maintenance-free. Property owners, investors and housing associations are now looking at things differently. With the advancing insight we can better say: “low maintenance”. MAVRO produces professional resources for the cleaning, preservation and preservation of the façade. Standard solutions and specialized customization for the most diverse cleaning and maintenance issues.


Where in the past only with a waxy product was preserved, there is now an extensive range of preservation products for porous and non-porous materials. With the NITORANGE we have all the options to protect aluminum frames, wall cladding and plastics for every budget and sustainability requirement.

By preserving the façade with our products, the lifespan is extended, the cleaning frequency reduced and the appearance better. A good investment, which is paid back in time. The ROI that can be achieved is made transparent with the MAVRO App. Ask one of our technical advisers about this.


Due to our diversity of products and expertise in this area, there is a suitable product for virtually every surface. Different types of powder coated or enamelled substrates, Trespa, anodised aluminum, or plastic can all be treated with our coatings and sealers. Sustainable PROTECTORS that offer up to 15 years of protection, colour restoration, embellishment or ‘easy to clean’ properties.a

MAVRO comes along for maintenance advice and setting up a test area for the preparation of an Advice Report. The wishes and requirements are discussed and the building is thoroughly inspected. Based on the wishes and the condition of the building, we draw up a maintenance plan for the coming years.

Semipermanent and reversible preservation products for the façade;


Permanent preservation products for the facade;


On the HYDROFOBERING page you will find more information about the preservation of porous surfaces like masonry and natural stone.

Featured facade preservation products


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