Facade impregnation and hydrofobing

Quality you can build on
Water repellend
Weather resistant
Effectieve werking voor jarenEffective effect for years

What is hydrophobing?

Hydrophobing is another word for impregnation. Hydrophobing is a good method to protect mineral structures like concrete and brick from the effects of moisture, acid rain, UV radiation, atmospheric pollution and algae.

Strong water repellent and particularly durable

The liquid hydrophobics of MAVRO are made on the basis of silanes / siloxanes and high-quality additives. The liquid hydrophobizing agents can be applied using the flux method in which the substrate has to be saturated. After treatment, the product is invisible, highly water-repellent and particularly durable.

The MAVROSEAL range reacts with the substrate at micro level and adheres perfectly to and in the pores of mineral substrates. It penetrates deep into porous masonry and forms a strong hydrophobic protection that is weather-resistant.

Radiance of the façade

Facades that have not been impregnated lose their fresh appearance over the years. A bigger problem is the wetting of façade material. By impregnating or hydrophating a façade, natural stone or concrete, it becomes water-repellent and can no longer absorb water, so that the appearance is guaranteed longer and maintenance is simplified in the long term.

Proven quality

MAVRO has various qualities of water-based and solvent-containing hydrophobic agents and the bead effect is visible quickly after application. Cleaning facade companies and contractors have been working for many years with these sustainable protection products that have a minimum of 10 years of effective operation. Quality you can build on.

No material loss with impregnating cream

MAVROSEAL GEL based on silane / siloxane in emulsion form, has been specially developed for the hydrophobic impregnation of brick, clinker, sand-lime brick, natural stone and stucco. Easy to process cream by façade specialists with spraying equipment or a fur roller.

Faded façades become fresh again by applying MAVROSEAL WETLOOK.