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Fire-retardant impregnation

Many materials that are used indoors and outdoors for the construction and decoration of buildings are naturally flammable. Think of wood, curtains, carpets, furniture and thatched roofs. In the December months, an extra fire risk arises in almost every household due to the arrival of Christmas trees and other decorations.

An accident is often in a small corner, think of a smoldering candle, a cigarette on the couch or a smoldering match that is thrown in the trash. All these innocent actions can cause a devastating fire. Many people underestimate the power and speed with which a starting fire can spread. Once a fire starts, it will cover the entire room within 3 to 5 minutes and it is almost impossible to stop it. When a fire starts, it is essential to act quickly. In a very short time you have to decide to flee, or if the fire is small, put it out with a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

Extinguishing a fire

A fire needs three things to stay on: fuel, oxygen and temperature. If one of these three is taken away, a fire will go out, always. The principle of extinguishing a fire is also based on this. The fire is covered with a fire blanket and no oxygen can reach it. Extinguishing a fire with water will lower the temperature and extinguish the fire. Finally, the fuel can be removed, for example by turning off the gas, but when a building or material has completely burned down.

Making materials and buildings fireproof is becoming increasingly important. Insurance companies and the fire service are also increasingly urging building materials, Christmas decorations and other combustible materials to be fireproofed. One of the ways to make materials fireproof is by applying a fire-retardant impregnation agent. Materials that are impregnated are still combustible, but due to the active effect of the impregnating agent, the spread of a fire will be strongly inhibited. By applying a fire-retardant impregnation agent, there is more time to escape or to extinguish the starting fire.

How does a fire-retardant impregnation agent work?

Thinking back to the three parts of a fire, the effect of a fire-retardant impregnation agent can be explained. Our FIRESTOP products contain special ingredients that lie as an invisible protective layer on the treated material. When a fire threatens to start and the temperature rises above 120 ° C, the protective layer will become active. The components in the protective layer will absorb energy (react endothermically), which will inhibit the spread of the fire. The second effect of the protective layer is that oxygen is extracted from the air, so that fire does not have the chance to develop.

FIRESTOP products

As a supplier of specialist surface protection products, we have seen the demand for fire-retardant products grow strongly in recent years.

Our answer: FIRESTOP

The FIRESTOP product line consists of three fire-retardant impregnation agents, each for a different application, and with different certifications. The products are completely biodegradable and not harmful to the users health.


The FIRESTOP is our multifunctional fire-retardant impregnation agent for the treatment of almost all materials with a service life of one year. FIRESTOP can be applied to wood, reed, paper, cardboard, fabrics, artificial flowers, Christmas trees and other decorations. The FIRESTOP has been tested by the TNO center for fire safety in accordance with the standards NEN-EN 1101, NEN EN 1102, NEN 1722, NEN 6065 Class I and NEN 6066.


The FIRESTOP TEXTILE is a high-quality fire-retardant impregnation agent for all natural and synthetic fabrics with a lifespan of five years. FIRESTOP TEXTILE has been successfully tested according to the standards NEN-EN 1101, NEN-EN 1102, NEN 1722, NEN 6065 class I, NEN 6066. With the FIRESTOP TEXTILE it is also possible to achieve various international standards.


The FIRESTOP WOOD HD is a high-quality fire-retardant impregnation agent for the professional treatment of untreated wood with a lifespan of five years (outside) and ten years (inside). FIRESTOP WOOD HD meets the highest legal standard SBI Euroclass B when correctly applied. The product can be used on various surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications. Examples of possible applications are beams, thatched roofs, garden sheds, fences and sheet materials. For outdoor use, a coating or paint can be applied after treatment with FIRESTOP WOOD HD.

Warranty and certification

All FIRESTOP products have been extensively tested in our own laboratory and by external research organizations such as the TNO center for fire safety. For optimal functioning of the product, it is of great importance to follow the described method. The applicator is responsible for closely following the procedure.

The fire-retardant effect of the FIRESTOP products is guaranteed by means of a fill-in certificate. The applicator is responsible for completing this certificate. The certificate states, among other things, how many m2 has been treated with how many liters of the product. The fire-retardant effect can be tested after drying by holding a flame about 2 cm below the treated material. The material must not catch fire for at least 15 seconds. If this is not the case, the treatment should be repeated.

The warranty period differs per product:

FIRESTOP: 1 year
FIRESTOP WOOD HD: 5 years outdoors and 1o years indoors

After the expiry of the warranty period, you should check the treated material again and repeat the treatment if necessary. If the surface is cleaned, damaged or sanded during the warranty period, the warranty will lapse and the surface must be treated again.