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Every day, public transport companies in Europe transport tens of millions of travelers to their destination
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How do you ensure graffiti-free vehicles in public transport?

Every day, public transport companies in Europe transport tens of millions of travelers to their destination. Public transport companies actually have to deal with moving buildings that are of course also dirty. Then the biggest challenge is: How do you ensure that all these vehicles get back on track and are free of pollution and graffiti? Traveler experience is something that is going to play an increasingly important role.

Despite the use of more cameras and guards at stations, marshalling yards and rail nodes, the ‘graffiti artists’ regularly go very far to be able to place their work. MAVRO has gained a lot of experience over the past 20 years with the development of CLEANERS and REMOVERS for various types of specific contaminants such as copper particles and graffiti.

Conservation is the most important thing!

Meanwhile, the MAVRO products in about 20 countries are used by dozens of transport companies and we are in direct contact with the builders of rail and road transport equipment. Together with, among others, Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier and international inspection authorities such as DEKRA, we are working on optimizing the OVRO product range for optimum preservation of the finishing materials.

It is not the intention that the finishing materials used in trains or metros such as plastics and rubbers are affected by the cleaning agents used. The intention is that the graffiti or paint can be removed quickly without having to paint a baking wall after a year because the original paint or coating has become dull. And that is precisely the added value of our products! Fast, effective, biodegradable, friendly to use and respectful for the original finishing material.

It is not for nothing that GRAFFITI GEL 221 RS (Rolling Stock) is the most used and prescribed product by removing national and international public transport companies from the outside of trains, trams and metros. A unique composite product that has been tested by various agencies and universities. Curious about these reports? Ask them directly!

Tailor-made quality solutions

Specific wishes or requirements regarding smell or viscosity. No problem, we can do that and we make it. For example, in recent years we have developed a winter version of the GRAFFITI GEL 221 RS product. This product performs even better under cold conditions.

Remove aerosol paint, tectyl, invisible ink and marker

Where on the outside of the vehicles in almost all cases there is paint sprayed, on the inside there are often inks made by markers and markers. The pigments and solvents that are used for the filling of the pens are often mixed by the vandals themselves and the developments in them go very fast. The leather dyes are supplemented with extremely aggressive substances such as battery acids and even cocaine. As a result, the pigments penetrate deeply into the subsurface and in some cases ensure that irreparable damage is caused to the subsoil. The INK REMOVERS can be applied to the topcoat with a cloth, sponge or brush. Immediately after application you can see the effect of the product and even the shadow in the ground is removed.

Good products only perform top if you also have the knowledge of the type of graffiti, finishing material and methodology. MAVRO therefore prepares the work descriptions together with the stakeholders and trains the people of cleaning companies.

In the Netherlands, together with SVS, we have made training (Graffiti Removal Rolling Stock) in which specialist cleaners are trained to become graffiti removal professionals. Very nice for conservation and process monitoring.


We have a Product Sheet (TDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product. This contains, among other things, the instructions for use and first aid measures. Read these sheets carefully before using our products.

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