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Successful graffiti removal requires knowledge, craftsmanship and good graffiti removers.
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Successful graffiti removal

Successful graffiti removal requires knowledge, craftsmanship and good graffiti removers. Since the late 90’s, MAVRO has been developing its own removers for cleaning graffiti, paint, ink and markers.

The technical advisors of MAVRO are happy to assist you in choosing the remover. This choice is determined by the type of graffiti that has been applied and the surface and the material on which it must be removed.

MAVRO offers the solution for graffiti removal!

Graffiti on the street is usually applied using spray cans with different colors of paint. They are often short texts and images, ranging from tags to the larger pieces. Most graffiti is removed by cleaning companies and municipalities from mineral substrates such as concrete (tunnels, underpasses and viaducts), natural stone and masonry of façades. On these types of surfaces, in addition to the remover, a hot water high-pressure cleaner is always needed to rinse the surface.

Boiling hot water has the advantage that graffiti removal is easier. To quickly and effectively remove graffiti and paint, use GRAFFITIREMOVER GEL. After a working-in period of the product on the surface, the graffiti starts to dissolve and you spray the surface with proper pressure and sufficient water.

Remove graffiti from any type of surface

Due to the porosity of mineral surfaces, pigments can sometimes remain in the joint or masonry. This is called a shadow. Shadow removers offer a solution. SHADOWREMOVER has been specially developed to penetrate the pores of natural stone or concrete and to dissolve the last pigments of the paint or graffiti.

On smooth, non-absorbent surfaces such as the inside of trains, trash cans, painted tunnels and elevators, pens or markers with permanent inks are also used. These markers are often filled with solvents and a lot of pigment so that they easily penetrate the substrate and adhere well. INKREMOVER can easily be applied with a cloth or brush. The product works immediately.

GRAFFITIREMOVER LITE or GRAFFITIREMOVER EXTRA LITE makes it possible to clean road signs, plexiglas, paintwork and other sensitive surfaces without affecting the surface.

Complete range, environmentally friendly and effective!
MAVRO has an assortment of more than 20 removers. Specific removers that are all biodegradable and meet the highest environmental and quality requirements under all circumstances. Also for the removal of tectyl or invisible ink (ghost graffiti) you are at the right place at MAVRO.

Support, technical advice or training of staff by MAVRO? No problem, we like to do this together with you or in combination with SVS!!

Graffiti removal training – Do it well and safely!
Together with SVS (Stichting Vakopleidingen Schoonmaak) MAVRO has made various training courses. In the module Graffiti Removal Facade of SVS, employees learn how to remove graffiti and how they can apply anti-graffiti systems. The course consists of more than ten modules In addition to the required theory, a lot of attention is paid to practicing. Important points for attention are safe and ergonomic working.

Graffiti removed, and then?
If the graffiti is gone, we also have solutions for protecting the surface. With an anti-graffiti coating you protect the surface against new graffiti. This can be both a permanent and a semi-permanent system.

We have a Product Sheet (TDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product. This contains, among other things, the instructions for use and first aid measures. Read these sheets carefully before using our products.

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