INOX Concept

The concept for stainless steel treatment
Self-cleaning coatings
Reduces maintenance costs
Delays degradation

The concept

Following the high demand for products for the preservation and maintenance of stainless steel or stainless steel surfaces, our Research & Development-team have developed a new product line. The products have been specially developed for various applications including elevators, escalators, door fronts and door handles. In short, all types of untreated stainless steel.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel, also called INOX, is an alloy of mainly iron, nickel, carbon and chromium. To be able to speak of stainless steel, a minimum of 11 to 12% chromium and a maximum of 1.2% carbon are required. Stainless steel is therefore an alloy of several metals and has an oxide layer. This layer protects the underlying metal against further rust formation (oxidation). Stainless steel is corrosion resistant (to a certain extent) and a very strong steel which is available in various qualities. The most common qualities are:
• Stainless steel 304
• Stainless steel 316
The largest difference between stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 is corrosion resistance. Stainless steel 304 is used indoors and stainless steel 316 is suitable for outdoor use.

Maintenance of stainless steel

Stainless steel is widely used at train stations, airports and in public buildings. Elevators, railings or doors made of stainless steel are often full of fingerprints, streaks and greasy residue. It is very labour-intensive for cleaning companies to clean and periodically polish with oil.

Retaining a glossy stainless steel surface is possible. INOXCOAT offers long-term protection with a high wear and impact resistance. In addition, the INOXCOAT restores weathered stainless steel surfaces and makes them like new.

MAVRO has a product for every maintenance operation. From cleaning and degreasing stainless steel to applying a permanent coating. We also offer a maintenance product to maintain the clean and glossy surface.

The products

The product line contains 5 products that can all be used on the same surface that needs to be treated;

  • INOX PRE-CLEAN: Strong cleaner for cleaning the substrate as pre-treatment for applying INOXCOAT.
  • INOX DEGREASER: Cleaner for degreasing the substrate before it is treated with INOXCOAT.
  • INOXCOAT: The permanent preserving stainless steel coating which leaves a satin finish.
  • INOXCOAT DAILY CARE: Universal cleaner for maintaining the treated substrate.
  • INOXCOAT REMOVER: A cleaner for removing applied INOXCOAT when desired.

Before INOXCOAT can be applied to stainless steel surfaces, the surface must be clean and free of contamination and grease. The stainless steel surface can be easily cleaned with INOX PRE-CLEAN.

INOX DEGREASER is a strong solvent-based cleaner for degreasing the substrate. In addition to degreasing, it also removes residues of cleaning agents for a clean and grease-free surface.

Both products have been developed for smooth metal surfaces and as pre-treatment for the application of INOXCOAT.

The stainless steel coating

After the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and degreased, the stainless steel coating INOXCOAT can be applied. INOXCOAT is a transparent, 1-component coating that offers permanent protection against the penetration of oils, solvents, fats and many chemicals.

The coating also restores weathered surfaces and leaves a satin-gloss appearance. The coating can be cleaned frequently without having to be reapplied.
The coatings offers various advantages:
– Gives the surface a long-lasting new look
– Abrasion- and impact resistant
– Water and weather resistance
– Excellent durability
– Very UV resistant

Products INOX Concept


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To maintain the treated surfaces, we have developed a universal cleaner; INOX DAILY CARE. A universal cleaner for streak-free cleaning of surfaces treated with INOXCOAT. The cleaner does not affect the coating layer so the substrate retains its appearance.

Should it still be necessary to remove the coating, we offer INOXCOAT REMOVER. This allows INOXCOAT to be easily removed from the substrate.

Tailored advice

Curious about the products? Want to see the products in practice? Make an appointment with one of our advisors. They can tell you everything about the products and make a test-application at your location. You can contact our advisers via or by calling 0418 680 680.

Which product fits my issue?
Depending on the substrate and the wishes, we determine the choice of the right product. By making a test-application and writing an Advisory Report, we can determine what the best product is for your issue. Need help choosing the product? Our specialists are happy to assist you and help you make a test-application.

At what temperature does the product works best?
The products work best at a minimum temperature of 5°C and a maximum temperature of 30°C.

How much do I need from the product?
This depends on the product, the circumstances and the substrate. Every product has its own consumption. You can request this from one of our advisers, find it in the product information sheets or in the price list.

I want to make a test-application
It is advisable to always test the product on your surface in advance. You can also have this done by one of our advisors. Do it yourself? Request a free sample to make a test-application.

My question is not listed
Contact us, our advisors are happy to help you via: or 0418 6680 680.