Inspecting existing paint layer

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Inspecting an existing paint layer

You can inspect an existing paint layer visually and by means of an adhesion test. First, check whether the existing paint layer is still intact everywhere. Do you see paint peeling somewhere, or are there chips in the coating? To perform an adhesion test: Make a # pattern in the coating with a sharp knife, making sure to cut completely through the paint layer. Stick a strong tape on the # pattern and peel it off with a quick movement. After pulling off, check how much percent of the coating has come off the surface and how much is still attached. If there is no coating on the tape, you can assume that the existing paint layer still has good adhesion. If the existing paint layer is also still intact all over, you can consider the existing layer as an adhesive layer and continue with degreasing and sanding. If 25% or more of the existing paint layer comes off the substrate, you know that the adhesion is not good. In this case it is advisable to remove the entire existing paint layer. The best way to remove an existing paint layer is to sand with a coarse grit. A diamond sander is recommended for hard concrete floors. It is also possible to remove floor coatings with a paint stripper such as STRIP-OFF and STRIP-OFF HD. Ask our technical advisors for advice. In addition to sanding and stripping, you can also blast (dust-free). After removing the existing paint layer, continue with the dust removal of the floor and you can finish the floor with a MAVROX™ floor system.