Sustainable products, each with their unique properties
Colour restoring
Up to 15 years of protection
Reducing cleaning frequency

What is the NITORANGE?

MAVRO NITORANGE consists of high-performance, protective, colour- and gloss recovering coatings for non-porous surfaces. Knowing that every surface and object is different, our laboratory has developed a wide range of products to fit every situation. Permanent coatings, semi-permanent reversible coatings and colour coatings with each their own properties and strengths. Tailored solutions, quality, durability and colour enhancement, all represented withing the NITORANGE!

When to use the NITORANGE?

NITORANGE products are used on weathered (window) frames and façade cladding. All materials used outdoors are subjected to the environment and the accompanying degradation. Long term exposure to atmospheric contaminations from traffic, industry and agriculture will cause a build-up of particles visible as a greyish or black residue. Without maintenance, a facade will get a typical dirty and worn look. Rain and poor draining will also result in water damage and green deposits.

Another inevitable form of degradation is chalking of paint. UV-radiation will damage painted (window) frames and cladding, resulting in loose pigment on the surface. This so-called chalking, or powdering cannot be cleaned. Our NITORANGE products are designed to renovate and restore chalked surfaces.

By treating (window) frames and façade cladding with a NITORANGE coating, the surface will be protected from atmospheric pollution, moisture, solvents, grease and graffiti. Our coatings provide up to 15 years of durability, restore the colour, gloss, visual appearance and make surfaces easy-to-clean.


We have a suitable product for almost any surface. NITORANGE products are widely applicable on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, high-pressure laminate, powder coated aluminium and other coated surfaces. Depending on the surface and situation we can advise the most suitable product.

Interested about different surfaces and different forms of contamination?


The application of a renovation coating from the NITORANGE provides many advantages, one of them being the reduction of cleaning frequency. By protecting the surfaces from external pollution, the treated surfaces have to be cleaned and maintained less often than untreated surfaces, lowering cleaning and maintenance costs significantly. Additionally, a protected surface will for many years longer that unprotected surfaces.

Conservation of a surface using a NITORANGE product ensures that a building, house or object will look brand-new for years to come. NITORANGE products are a very cost-effective alternative to hiring a painter to restore all surfaces with regular paint.

What products make up the NITORANGE?

Depending on the situation, desires and demands there are many different ways of protecting a surface. Each of our products has unique properties. Our NITORANGE consists of semi-permanent, permanent and pigmented coatings. A suitable product for every situation!

Semi-permanent coatings

Semi-permanent/reversible means that coatings can be easily removed after their lifespan or after they have been damaged. After removal of a semi-permanent coating system, the same coating can be applied immediately to ensure constant protection of the surface. Semi-permanent coatings are recognized by their ease of application, easy removal/restoration and excellent protective properties.

Semi-permanent coatings can have a lifespan between 1 and 5 years depending on the pollution and damage they have to endure.

Our R&D team has developed several semi-permanent, reversible coating systems. These include NITOWAX, NITOSHIELD and NITOCRYL. Each of these products has their own strengths and properties, but they all restore the original colour, gloss and look of the surface and give protection against atmospheric pollution. NITOSHIELD provides additional protection against moisture, fats, solvents and graffiti. All semi-permanent systems are transparent and are designed to restore the original colour and gloss of the treated surface.

Permanent coatings

In contrast to semi-permanent coatings, a permanent coating will last for 5-10 years. They are a good long-term, low-maintenance solution for many situations. Our R&D team has developed transparent and pigmented permanent coatings.


NITOCOAT is a special product. NITOCOAT is a so-called ‘ceramic coating’ based on patented polysilazane technology. NITOCOAT is a transparent perment coating with a durability of up to 12 years and very good anti-grafffiti properties. NITOCOAT offers protection against virtually all types of contamination and pollution because of its high strength and hardness.

NITOCOAT can be produced in gloss (NITOCOAT) and satin (NITOCOAT SATIN).

Read more about polysilazane technology here


In addition to our transparent coatings we have developed a high-end pigmented coating called NITOCOLOUR. NITOCOLOUR can be produced in all RAL- and NCS- colours in high-gloss, satin or mat finish. NITOCOLOUR is polyurethane based and provides a very strong, chemical resistant yet flexible protection for virtually any surface.

NITOCOLOUR has an outdoor durability of up to 10 years! NITOCOLOUR also provides anti-graffiti properties, allowing graffiti to be easily removed without damaging the coating itself.

NITOCOLOUR comes in a 1-component and 2-component variant. 2-Component NITOCOLOUR gives higher durability and improved properties.

Pre-treatment and application

Before the application of a NITORANGE coating, all surfaces must be completely cleaned, degreased and dried. Using the right products for this is essential. Surfaces must be cleaned using MAVRO UNICLEAN before degreasing and drying with ISOPROPANOL. After pre-treatment, the coatings can be applied according to their specific application method. Before starting a project, contact one of our commercial technical advisors for tips and advice.