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What is a paint stripper?

Paint strippers are products that are used to remove one or several layers of paint, varnish or coating from various surfaces.
After applying a paint stripper to the surface, the old paint layer can easily be removed after the required application time. The removal of old paint, varnish or coating layers should always be done carefully to prevent damage to the substrate. It is wise to seek advice from an expert advisor when choosing the suitable stripper and method of application.

Paint strippers are available in both liquid and gel form. The compact composition of paint strippers reduces dripping and run-off and therefore simplifies the treatment process. Due to the active substances in paint strippers, chemical bonds in the paint layers are broken, making the removal of the paint layer possible. We distinguish two groups of paint stripper products; alkaline/acid and solvents.

How do you remove old layers of paint?

Various factors play a role in this: the thickness of the old paint layer, the substrate on which it is applied, the age of the layer to be removed and its persistence.

It is also important that both the surface and the user are protected during the treatment. In addition to safety of the surrounding area, the environmental aspect is also important. Are the materials that will be used biodegradable? Can the residues of paint and paint stripper be collected and cleaned up in an environmentally friendly manner, for example by using absorbent mats?

It is also important to determine how accessible the object is before starting the process of removing old paint layers. The accessibility of the object must be as optimal as possible.

First place a test area

For large objects, it is strongly recommended to apply a test area first to determine the suitable paint stripper and the amount of product required to effectively remove the paint without damaging the substrate.

Removing old paint from various surfaces without leaving residues is a quite intensive process. The adhesion of new paint layers after stripping the surface strongly depends on the correct pre-treatment. With an insufficiently or unprofessionally cleaned surface, the new layer will not adhere optimally and any residues left behind can cause a difference in structure, especially when finishing with glossy coatings.

Paint strippers for various surfaces


The right paint stripper will not only remove the old layers of paint but also the stains and splashes that have penetrated the wood. According to European directives, the paint stripper industry may no longer use the aggressive agents that used to be an effective part of paint strippers, such as methylene chloride. Agents such as acids, alkalis, NMP or biocides are effective, but also harmful to the environment. Furthermore it is noteworthy that not all biodegradable paint strippers give the desired results and work as effectively as their non-biodegradable counter parts.


One of the most effective ways to remove paint layers from metal objects is using a paint stripper. Other methods include sanding, industrial blasting and using heat.

Paint strippers are especially suitable for objects that are difficult to access and have many edges and intricate details. When treating metal with paint strippers, it is not advisable to work with alkaline or acidic strippers, as these will corrode the metal with the possibility of damaging the surface. Therefore, solvent based paint strippers are recommended for metal.


As one of the oldest materials in human history, brick masonry is not the easiest to clean or to remove old paint residues. Removal must be done with the greatest care and expertise, as both the bricks and the joints are easily damaged. When using paint stripper on brick walls, it is wise to apply a test area first. Before purchasing a paint stripper product, always get advice from the experts at MAVRO.

After the facades and walls have been stripped of paint or coating layers, it is recommended to treat the facades and walls with protective coatings for a durable result.

STRIP-OFF products from MAVRO

The MAVRO R&D specialists have succeeded in developing a series of powerful and fast-acting paint strippers and REMOVERS, the user-friendly and biodegradable STRIP-OFF and STRIP-OFF HD. Both products remove multiple layers of paint and durable 2-component coatings without leaving any residues. Even the most stubborn old paint systems can be tackled effectively with these products.

STRIP-OFF and STRIP-OFF HD give excellent results on almost all surfaces such as concrete, stucco, granite, masonry, wood, plastic, glass and metal.