Specialised cleaning

MAVRO supplies a wide range of specialist cleaning products for all conceivable objects and surfaces
Sustainable solutions
Powerful and effective
Improve aesthetic appearance
Maintain environment

What is specialised cleaning?

Specialised cleaning entails cleaning products and activities that are aimed at cleaning, maintenance and the preventive treatment of particular places and surfaces. Here, both knowledge and specialised-, intensively effective products are indispensable.

MAVRO supplies a wide range of specialised cleaning and protection products for all types of objects and surfaces.
MAVRO cleaning agents extend the life span of the cleaned and/or treated objects, work quick and effective, do not affect the surfaces and are often environmentally friendly and sustainable.
All MAVRO cleaners and the rest of MAVRO products are carefully tested in our own laboratory. Our enthusiastic team of specialists will be pleased to demonstrate the properties and results of MAVRO cleaners at your location. Where you can experience the easy application and excellent results.

MAVRO’s state-of-the-art cleaning products are used for:

  • Facade cleaning, facade preservation and maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Industrial cleaning with products and cleaning in food industry
  • Removal of various types of deposits and heavy soiling
  • Cleaning of machinery
  • Chemical cleaning

Facade cleaning, facade preservation and maintenance.

A neat, clean façade makes a positive impression on visitors and passers-by. It also gives your company a positive, successful image. Unfortunately, façades suffer from atmospheric and other types of pollution, making façade maintenance a recurring necessity. Some types of façade pollution are more stubborn than others. Chemical cleaning agents give the best results for sooty deposits from traffic, while moss and algae deposits can be treated with soft, environmentally friendly cleaners.

After cleaning your façade, you can opt for façade preservation, a long-term protection of your façade (with certain products longer than ten years) against moisture, unwanted deposits and pollution, exhaust fumes and soot. Water-repellent, nano coatings from MAVRO offer a sustainable solution and effectively protect your property.

However effective façade preservation is, it is not a one-off. The best way to keep your façade dry, clean and neat for several years is to treat it several times. How often depends on the condition of your façade. Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on your choice. When your façade has been cleaned and possibly preserved, regular maintenance of the façade deserves your attention. It is advisable to regularly examine your façade (and building) for incipient problems.

Industrial cleaning with products in the food industry

At MAVRO you will find the right products for all kinds of specialized cleaning. These include the removal of various deposits, extreme contamination, removal of rust, old paint and coatings, industrial cleaning of machines and areas in the food industry. The requirements for industrial cleaning in the food industry are strict, because it is essential that food safety is not compromised. MAVRO offers various products for the cleaning of, among other things, storage tanks and stainless steel equipment in the food industry. There is also a wide range of floor cleaners and disinfectants.

Cleaning of machinery

Industrial cleaning of machines places specific demands on the products used and on the operator. Products used for industrial cleaning within heavy and light industry are applied to cleaning machines, pipes, storage tanks and various installations. Depending on the wishes of your company, MAVRO’s specialists will draw up a customised cleaning recommendation for you.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a branch of industrial cleaning. With chemical cleaning, chemicals are used during the cleaning process to guarantee an optimal result. Chemical cleaning is applied, for instance, to clean coolers, barrels, piping and heaters. Before starting the cleaning process, the specialists determine which chemicals will be used. Alkaline, acidic or neutral compounds are used for cleaning. Chemical cleaning is often used in the food industry, especially for disinfecting and preparing various objects and surfaces for production.

Graffiti removal

For effective removal of graffiti and the possible protection of the substrate against reapplication of graffiti, it is always advisable to choose reliable products. With proven effect and an experienced team of cleaners and applicators. It is definitely a specialised job that requires the necessary experience and expertise.

MAVRO’s graffiti removers are intended to clean public buildings, stations, rolling stock, viaducts, bridges, petrol stations, underground stations and shopping centres from graffiti. The surface is decisive in your choice of cleaning product. Which products and method of cleaning is best, also depends on the surface on which graffiti is applied. It is also important to determine whether you want to have an extra coating applied after the cleaning, to protect your property from graffiti.

Pre-treatment of objects and substrates with MAVRO’s permanent or semi-permanent coatings makes it possible to easily remove the graffiti applied with minimal effort and loss of time. In case of semi-permanent or self-sacrificing coatings the protective layer disappears together with graffiti and has to be reapplied after each cleaning cycle. Anti-graffiti coatings make it more difficult for the paint to penetrate into porous substrates, making it possible to remove it without trace.