Spray film (PEELGUARD)

PEELGUARD is a sustainable alternative to other protective materials
Durable and water-based
Easy to remove
100% recycled material
Removes dirt residues


PEELGUARD is a liquid spray film that protects various surfaces from external influences. PEELGUARD is applied by means of airless spray equipment and dries to an elastic, durable and resistant coating that will fully protect the surfaces it is applied to. This includes impact damage, dirt, paint, masonry and welding stains. PEELGUARD is resistant to rain, frost, UV radiation and mechanical wear.

PEELGUARD is a big step forward in terms of sustainability and contributes to a circular economy. For PEELGUARD is made from 100% recycled post-consumer material. PEELGUARD is also water-based and contains no volatile organic compounds. PEELGUARD provides users with an effective, safe and sustainable alternative to other protective materials such as plastic sheeting and wood.

Depending on the situation and load, PEELGUARD will remain on the substrate for at least 12 months. In indoor situations with low moisture exposure, the service life will be even longer. The removal of PEELGUARD is very easy, simply by pulling off a corner the film can be removed from the substrate in one quick operation. The removed film can then be compactly folded and disposed of with plastic waste. An important advantage of PEELGUARD is that it removes any dust and dirt from the surface, leaving a clean and shiny surface.

What is PEELGUARD used for?

PEELGUARD can be applied on almost all surfaces including plastic, glass, concrete, aluminium, stainless steel and painted surfaces.

The applications for PEELGUARD are endless. The most common application of PEELGUARD is the protection of windows, window frames and (pre-fabricated) concrete in the construction industry. In these industrial situations, it is important that new window frames and windows are protected until the building is completed. Also concrete elements such as stairs have to endure a lot during construction, but have to look as good as new before delivery. The application of a quick and easy to apply protective spray film offers the perfect solution here.

Protecting parts during storage and transport is also a common application for PEELGUARD. Whether it is cars and car parts, boats, window frames, doors, (façade) panels, stainless steel, (laboratory) tables, aluminium or sanitary equipment. With PEELGUARD, these are protected from impact damage during transport and arrive at the customer in perfect condition. The main advantage of PEELGUARD is that it is much more durable and environmentally friendly than traditional plastic film. In addition, PEELGUARD’s protective properties are many times better and a spray film is very quick and easy to apply. Do you want to apply PEELGUARD fully automated during your production process? No problem, we will be happy to support you.

As already mentioned, the applications of PEELGUARD are endless. Do you have a challenge for us? We are happy to think along with you and with our many years of experience can find a suitable solution for almost any situation.

Product selection

There are different versions of PEELGUARD. The original PEELGUARD is the standard version with all the properties mentioned above. PEELGUARD is recommended for almost all indoor and covered applications.

PEELGUARD WR is a further developed PEELGUARD with improved water resistance. PEELGUARD WR is recommended in situations where heavy rain and other moisture loads are expected.

In some situations it can be desirable to have a protective film in a certain colour. For example, in the colours of your company or to make the film extra visible. PEELGUARD and PEELGUARD WR are therefore available in any colour.

A special variant of our spray film is the so-called PEELABLE CLEANER. PEELABLE CLEANER is a spray film with cleaning properties which ensure that all contaminants are released from the substrate and absorbed into the coating. After drying, the film and all contaminants are removed from the surface. PEELABLE CLEANER has been specially developed for cleaning where conventional liquid cleaning agents cannot be used safely or where rinsing with water/pressure can be impractical. For example, vulnerable substrates, monumental buildings, gymnasiums with wooden floors and buildings with fire damage.