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MAVROSEAL is a high-quality oligomer silane/siloxane impregnating liquid for the sustainable water repellency of mineral surfaces in facades etc


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Additional information

Weight 10-1000 kg
Aantal Liter

10, 25, 1000

Product description

MAVROSEAL makes the surface durable water resistant. Although somewhat dependent on the structure and the absorption capacity of the surface, MAVROSEAL penetrates deep enough to ensure effective and sustainable operation. MAVROSEAL makes the surface water repellent but remains vapor-open. The stone remains for 100% water vapor permeable; The condensation moisture formed on the inside of the wall can be discharged out of the vapor form unimpeded. The composition of MAVROSEAL can result in very slight staining of the surface. As a consequence, bold colours can be reproduced. MAVROSEAL will never give a gloss effect. Suitable for all cement-based surfaces made of sand, cement and clay. Also, on already impregnate surfaces.



– Hight penetration value
– Hair tearing over
– No reduction of vapor permeability
– Applicable on two weeks old masonry
– Due the long contact time applicable on closed surface
– Excellent penetration on previously hydrophobic surfaces


Apply MAVROSEAL evenly by the flow method with suitable spraying apparatus, or by brushing saturating the surface evenly. Get the best result when working from bottom to top.

Technical data

Colour: Transparent
Smell: Light solvent smell
Specific weight: 0,81 kg/l
pH: Does not apply
Contains: Naphtha, low aromatic
Flash point: >60oC
Number of layers: 1 saturated layer (in one treatment 2 layers wet in wet)
Shape: Liquid
Dilution: Do not dilute


1 – 2 m²/l


Technical data sheet

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