A natural protection for a natural surface

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A natural protection for a natural surface


  • Location: Kraainem, Belgium
  • Client: BAM contractors nv
  • Application company: Bilterijst
  • Date of execution: 2021

Wood with anti-graffiti properties? After an extensive test route, the bicycle tunnel in Kraainem has been protected with GRAFFITIGUARD. Due to the transparent finish, the original appearance of the demerara greenheart wood is preserved, but the tunnel is protected against graffiti, moisture and dirt. Natural protection for a natural surface!

GRAFFITIGUARD is a high-quality sacrificial anti-graffiti coating based on environmentally friendly raw materials. GRAFFITIGUARD forms a durable protective layer that, depending on the circumstances, protects the surface for 7 – 10 years against graffiti, markers and paint.

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