Artwork protected by MAVRO

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Artwork protected by MAVRO


  • Location: Zaltbommel
  • Application company: ProNed
  • Date of execution: 2019

Artwork durable protected

Zaltbommels Waterplein transformed into multifunctional JOP and water basin by graffiti artist Jeroen Vromans and art class at Cambium College.

The new youth meeting place (JOP) in Zaltbommel, which serves as a water basin if necessary, was brightened up and sustainably protected in September 2019. Young people come together on the site and enjoy themselves with all sorts of activities such as free running and panna football. To create a place where the youth feels at home, graffiti artist Jeroen Vromans has flown in. Together with the art class of the local Cambium College, he has created a beautiful hangout.

This beautiful art result deserves optimum protection against external influences. Local specialist ProNed has been chosen as a cooperation partner. They have permanently protected the whole by applying a permanent anti-graffiti coating.

GRAFFITIGUARD PERMANENT is here the successful, appropriate solution to protect this artificial base in a sustainable way.

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