Provincial house Zuid-Holland restored

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Provincial house Zuid-Holland restored


  • Location: Den Haag
  • Application company: ICS Groep
  • Date of execution: 2019


Renovation coating NITOCRYL

Reversibel en kleurherstellend

The iconic Province House of Zuid-Holland is located at one of the busiest points in The Hague. Since 1963, the building has determined the image of the corner of Zuid-Hollandlaan and Koningskade. The Province of Zuid-Holland is a bustling and versatile province with over 3.5 million inhabitants on almost 3000 km2. This makes Zuid-Holland the most populous province.

The building now deserved the necessary attention and protection. The MAVRO International Research & Development team has been asked to inspect the plating in detail to carefully clean the substrate and to protect it in the correct and most sustainable manner. Our R&D specialists have determined the correct working method and most suitable system by testing in our own laboratory. Fly rust and obsolete coating have been removed by ICS Groep. The siding has been restored by applying our NITOCRYL PRIMER and NITOCRYL.

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