About us

MAVRO is the supplier of specialized cleaning and protection products


About us
MAVRO is the supplier of cleaning and protection products for all types of surfaces. From trains to offices and from monuments to bridges: with our products they are clean and protected.

Clean and protected
Our range consists of REMOVERS, CLEANERS, PROTECTORS and SPECIALTIES. These are top quality coatings and graffiti removers. This removes even the most difficult pollution. They also ensure that objects retain their value. In a way that is safe for the surface and user.

Innovation in our lab
The MAVRO team consists of young, enthusiastic specialists who only settle for the best. We thrive to innovate. Every day we work on our service and products. For example in our laboratory. Here we conduct practical tests and renew our range of products. For more than 20 years!

Why choose MAVRO international?

What are your expectations, requirements, wishes and needs? Together with our advisors you put everything together. Then we make an appropriate proposal.

Surface inspection
The condition of the surface is very important. We inspect the surface thoroughly and then choose a suitable cleaning and / or protection system.

You do not want unexpected surprises. That is why we start testing in our lab or at your location. This way we guarantee the quality of the final result.

Advice report
We make a customised advice report for each project. It describes how you perform the cleaning or protection step by step.

We offer personal project management. Do you encounter obstacles or difficult situations? Then we will solve it for you. You can always contact us, even last minute.