Business premises AFM Consultancy handled

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Business premises AFM Consultancy handled


  • Location: Alkmaar
  • Client: AFM Consultancy
  • Application company: Vasita
  • Date of execution: mei 2017

Cleaning company Vasita cleaned and preserved the commercial building of AFM Consultancy in the month of May. The powder-coated frames and water layers have been cleaned with the neutral UNICLEAN NEUTRAL and polished with the strong cleaning DEEPCLEAN. The fine abrasive grain makes it extremely suitable for scratch-sensitive surfaces. The façades are hydrophobed with MAVROSEAL WB STRONG. The frames and water layers are equipped with the durable, colour-restoring and reversible coating NITOCRYL.

The stainless steel columns, shown at the front of the building, are provided with the permanent preservative coating NITOCOAT. NITOCOAT has a colour restoring ability, an easy to clean character and has excellent anti-graffiti properties. The property looks as good as new and has been protected for years thanks to cleaning company Vasita Multicleaning and various MAVRO products!