Cycling in Amsterdam is becoming more and more attractive

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Cycling in Amsterdam is becoming more and more attractive


  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Client: Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Application company: BRIGHT UP
  • Date of execution: September 2016

To make cycling to and from the Minervahaven and Houthavens in Amsterdam more attractive, BRIGHT UP, commissioned by the Port of Amsterdam, has developed a vision to improve the two bicycle tunnels between the Spaarndammerdijk and Transformatorweg.

The bicycle tunnels were experienced as very low and dark by the local residents. That is why beautiful wall paintings have been made by Leone Schröder to renovate the tunnels. With the trompe-l’oeil technique, Leone painted peepholes with views to characteristic and fun places in the area. In order to preserve the condition of these paintings for several years, the tunnel has been treated with the permanently conservative NITOCOAT. We are very proud that we have been allowed to work on this beautiful project in Amsterdam!