Municipality of Purmerend graffiti free!

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Municipality of Purmerend graffiti free!


  • Location: Purmerend
  • Client: ICS Zoetermeer
  • Application company: Municipality of Purmerend
  • Date of execution: January 2017

All kinds of skate parks, tunnels, trash cans and other objects in the vicinity of the municipality of Purmerend are graffiti free. ICS Zoetermeer will carry out this project on 1 January. To remove the graffiti the innovative and gel-like remover GRAFFITIREMOVER GEL is used. To remove the remaining shadows SHADOWREMOVER is used. In addition, INKREMOVER is used for the removal of pen, felt pen, and inks. GRAFFITIREMOVER LITE is used for sensitive and vulnerable surfaces. Thanks to ICS, the municipality of Zoetermeer is graffiti free again!