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Maarten Verduin


As management we save the picket posts for the future to work with all employees. This is how I come to my drive. Beautiful things are created through creative processes, even if you grow together in the fast pace that we hold. We work together with people who have guts and dare to stick their neck out. Together we want to grow and do business. In this way, we love initiative-loving and talented people who are willing to change, are open to new ideas and also going to work on it. Ambitious is something we are and I also think it’s important that people develop themselves, making the most of themselves. The nice thing about this is that it’s possible with us, you can make mistakes to learn from it. We encourage by challenging, confronting and giving a lot of responsibility.

There will be many challenges in the coming years, we want more products with high added value and we are always looking for those. Through future acquisitions, we are expanding our knowledge and product range further. Another important point is a healthy mix between digitization and face-to-face, we will allow our current business model to evolve to make this possible. We are in full development

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