Conservation public transport

Graffiti removal trains, subways, trams and buses
Cost daving
Contribute to health
Decrease cleaning frequency

Graffiti removal trains, subways, trams and buses

Every day, public transport companies in Europe transport tens of millions of travelers to their destination. Public transport companies actually have to deal with moving buildings that are of course also dirty. Then the biggest challenge is: How do you ensure that all these vehicles get back on track and are free of pollution and graffiti? Traveler experience is something that is going to play an increasingly important role.

Despite the use of more cameras and guards at stations, marshalling yards and rail nodes, the ‘graffiti artists’ regularly go very far to be able to place their work. MAVRO has gained a lot of experience over the past 20 years with the development of CLEANERS and REMOVERS for various types of specific contaminants such as copper particles and graffiti.