Pokon property treated with NITOCOLOUR

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Pokon property treated with NITOCOLOUR


  • Location: Naarden
  • Application company: KSS&Noord
  • Date of execution: May 2017

The powder-coated siding of the Pokon building in Naarden was treated by service company KSS & Noord with NITOCOLOUR 1C from MAVRO international.

The sheeting of the Pokon building was too strong and too big to apply NITOCOAT. NITOCOLOUR 1C is a very good alternative for extremely weathered surfaces and large surfaces.

This unique coating consists of 2 different layers, namely: NITOCOLOUR 1C and NITOCOLOUR PRIMER 1C. Both the primer and the finish layer consist of 1 component. The coating is available in all RAL colors and has a gloss layer. NITOCOLOUR 1C provides protection against all weather conditions and maintains the long-term shine. Thanks to the new green finish layer, the building looks as good as new again.